About DANCE KITCHEN during the festival Rodeo 2018 in Munich

„...A delicacy was to taste in Sahra Huby’s „Dance Kitchen“: an invitation in an almost private space, a fleetinglook inside the cooking pot of an extraordinary dancer was expected, but the evening turned out to be a surprise parcel full of such dramaturgical finesse and clever guidance of the audience that one urgently wants to advise it to other artists for some coaching.“

...But the most fun was the intimate „Dance Kitchen“ from the lighting cleverSahra Huby, who translated her findings directlyinto dance, and so physicalisesthem, creating an “Aha” moment  for the audience. „       

(Sabine Leucht- Münchner Feuilleton November edition 2018)

(Eva-Elisabeth Fischer Süddeutsche Zeitung 16.10.2018)


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