23th of April 2016

Apartment in Lincolnstrasse Munich

On the 10th of march 2016, I send this invitation to a group of friends...

"Dear lovely friends and colleagues,

 I invite you to my dance kitchen, to share some food and some of my dance with you. I want to share my work as a dancer in a more regulary practice, and I wish to feel the resonnance in other poeple, not only in a theatrical space. 

More and more I ask myself how to create contexts to perform, how to perform more often, how to practice performativity.

 So I decided to invite you to my place, to show some improvisation structures and tools that I´m working on, to spend a nice evening together surrounded by dance, to hear some music, to eat and drink together, to experience the fine line between private space and performative space, to feel the beautiful mix of jumping smoothly from the sofa, to the dance space."  


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